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Book Discussion:
Waking Up White by
Debby Irving
Sundays - March 5 and 19
and April 2

Our discussion of Irving’s book will continue on March 5, March 19 and April 2.  We will meet at 12:30-ish in the Munro Room following coffee hour. 

For this session please read through Chapter 16.  The chapters are short and go quickly.  The discussion sessions will last one hour.  You can get the book at a local book store, the library, or on Kindle. 

Holy Week and Easter
April 2017

Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday -
April 9

Worship, 11:00 am

Maundy Thursday - April 13

Worship, 6:00 pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Van Ness Avenue at Clay Street

Good Friday - April 14

Worship, 8:00 pm

Easter Sunday - April 16

Pancake Breakfast -
9:00 am

Prelude: Organ, Brass and Vocalist - 10:30 am

Easter Worship - 11:00 am

Old First Presbyterian Church is an inclusive community of faith united by trust in God and faith in Jesus Christ. We warmly welcome all who accept and respond to God's saving grace in Jesus Christ and who desire to participate in the life and ministry of this church.

Established in 1849, we are the oldest active Protestant congregation in California. We are constantly renewed through a wide spectrum of activities, and of course, through new members and visitors.

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Maggi's Musings - March 2017

The season of Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and self-examination in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord at Easter. It is a period of forty days — like the flood of Genesis, Moses’ sojourn at Mount Sinai, Elijah’s journey to Mount Horeb, Jonah’s call to Ninevah to repent, and Jesus’ time of testing in the wilderness. (The Sundays in Lent are not counted in this reckoning of the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter, as every Lord’s Day is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.)
This year you might try putting aside something that distracts you – that takes up too much of your heart and mind, and try focusing on what is essential: who you are as follower of Jesus, where your hope is to be found, and how to live as a hopeful and hope giving follower of the Jesus way.

Some opportunities for developing a spiritual practice:

May this short word from Pope Francis inspire us: "Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.”

Maggi Henderson